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Last update: 21-Aug-2008

This is a work in progress.
It might not be very good, but at least it's slow.

- Two sections so far -

The Poems of Holman F. Day

Aunt Shaw's Pet Jug

So much for marriage!

Old Bill Bogg's Slarnt

He had it comin'...

Cy Nye, Prevaricator I think I've met this man
Uncle Benjy and Old Crane Take your bill and...
Plug You never live it down
The Song of the Harrow and Plow Springtime in Maine
Hooray for the Season of Fairs End of Summer in Maine
Tale of the Kennebec Mariner A good piece o' Maine Lyin'

The Stories of Don Arey

Dark Glasses and the Gospel Truth It really happened!
The Big Closet Dizzy Dames in Dixfield
How to Cook a Lobster Fond memories of Yarmouth
Ghosts of the Past  (Photos) A vacation prank, age 16
Grats to the Democrats Barack Obama won