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Thank you for your interest in Arey Videography.

After you have viewed the demo slideshows, I hope you'll consider working with me to create a Memories DVD of your own.

The slideshow demos are in high resolution and are therefore quite large. If you have a dial-up connection, consider requesting a Demo DVD, I'll be glad to send one along.

The African Adventure demo was done for a friend who used my 35mm scanning service to convert his slides to high resolution scans on CD. I created the slideshow as a special surprise for him and his wife. They granted me permission to use it as a demo. All the photos are scans of 35mm slides.

The Falling Waters Hiking demo was put together from scans of 4x6 photos I took with one of those disposable Kodak single-use cameras. Many of the photos were scanned years ago with an inexpensive scanner I had way back then. The point of the demo is this: It doesn't matter! Even though the quality of the photos isn't so great and the quality of the scanning wasn't so great, putting it all together into a slideshow set to music makes it GREAT!

The Birth of JayLynn demo was a surprise I created for my niece and is also used with permission. The photos were taken with a digital camera and posted on Webshots. I downloaded them and created the slideshow after doing a bit of photo-enhancement and cropping. My niece was very moved by how the slideshow told the story of her daughter, husband and other children without saying a word...