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Here are some frequently asked questions. (Just the FAQs!)

Q: How do I go about sorting through all the photos I have and turn them into something that's presentable in a Memories DVD?

A: There's more than one way. I can adapt to your needs.

  1. The "Shoebox Method" - Give me all your photos in a "shoebox" or just a big disorganized pile and I'll do the rest. You'll get a "Proof DVD" with a chance to view it and make notes for editing of the final version. The "pile" can be a pile of photos to scan or a collection of photos that are already scanned.
  2. The "Filer Method" - For those of you who are meticulous organizers (in my opinion, an organized person is just someone who's too lazy to look for things!) you can organize your photos into stacks the way you'd like them presented in the slideshow, I'll scan them in that order and keep them grouped that way.
  3. The "Story Board Method" - I don't recommend this, but it's possible to do! Your scanned pictures can be printed out into a thumbnail album. You can cut out the thumbnails and post them onto a "story board" the way you want them presented in the slideshow. My wife and her sister did their parents' anniversary Memories DVD this way.
  4. The "Flash ROM Method" - This is by far the best method for those who are computer-savvy. I'll put all your scanned photos onto a USB Flash ROM device. You organize it into folders and sort the photos by renaming them into the alphanumeric order you want them presented. You can use Windows Explorer "flimstrip" mode to preview the photos in sequence.

Q: What if I decide to cut out photos from the final version of the DVD?

A: You're only charged for the actual number of photos you use in the final version.

Q: How can I get extra copies?

A: You're given two copies as part of the package. The DVDs are not copyrighted, therefore you can make copies yourself if you have access to a DVD writer. I make extra copies for $5 each.

Q: What happens to my scanned photos once the project is completed?

A: That's up to you. I'll be glad to keep a safe archive on hand in case you ever want to come back for additional Memories DVDs using some or all of the photos. I'll give you the archive if you want to keep it for yourself. In either case, once the project is completed, all your data is removed from my workstation.