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Travel day. Wouldn't you know it would be a migraine day!

It may be caused by the malaria prevention prescription I started taking last night. If it keeps up I think I'll risk the mosquito bites...

Watching People

I will never tire of my favorite pastime: watching people. It costs nothing, you can do it anywhere and almost any time.

When you're waiting for a plane there is little else to do. There is such a wild assortment of people in an airport.

  • The silver haired, dignified couple who talk to each other in what sounds like Lebanese but kept punctuating their remarks with English phrases like "So why not?!" and "Makes perfect sense!" and so on. Why mix languages like that? Why are they going to Frankfurt?
  • How 'bout the "unkempt Santa" with long white hair and full beard? There seems to be one of these guys in every crowd. He's got the roly-poly belly and would make a perfect Santa Claus except that I don't think he's showered or combed his hair in a week. His wife doesn't seem to mind... He can afford a plane ticket but not a comb or shampoo?
  • The single ladies and gentlemen in the coffee shops wrapped in their "bubbles" of privacy. Like I am in mine. I peer out of my bubble and wonder who's wondering about me.

I love watching people. I hope I don't make them uncomfortable or that they notice I'm noticing them. The world is full of people whom God loves. I wonder how many of them know it and love Him back? Sometimes you can spot someone who knows the Lord, they don't seem so stressed out as the others.

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