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No Home Like Place

I'm staying at the Days Inn Deccan Plaza. It's about two kilometers from the office. I'm the first Brooks employee to stay at this hotel. Everyone else who has visited Chennai has been raving about "The Park" and how nice it is. A Five Star hotel. But they were serving liquor after hours and got raided by the police so they're in trouble. Brooks thought it best to start using a different place. They tell me I'm the guinea pig and I'm to be honest about what it's like here. Well, here goes!

  • The restaurant serves vegetarian-only food. I guess they cater to traditional Indians. Fine, I didn't come here to eat at McDonald's but the sudden switch from my Atkins high-protein diet to pure carbohydrates has caused a resurgence of my migraines. I've struggled with headaches every day. I'm using up all the "ammunition" I brought to fight the migraines.

  • The bed is traditional Indian, they like it firm. Maybe they prefer sleeping on the floor, I don't know. There is no spring. I was told that these mattresses are made with stuffed cotton and straw. It sits on base made of plywood. It's like sleeping on the floor so maybe that's why Indians like'm. I've talked with a couple of the local people here and they confirmed that yes, this is the way Indian people like their mattresses... firm!

    I guess we Americans are soft, eh? I've been sleeping okay as long as I stay on my back. If I turn onto my side, everything on that side turns numb. Here's a little photo of me standing on the edge of the bed. As you can see, the mattress is barely deformed even with all my weight on the edge. When I first sat down on this thing, I thought they must have forgotten the mattress and I was sitting on the box spring. I asked for a softer mattress and I got the "deer caught in the headlights" look. You can click the thumbnail photo for a larger view.

  • Hotels that cater to business people (all hotels must cater to business people!) must have good internet access these days. It's crucial. This hotel depends on a WiFi service. It's so intermittent that I can stay connected long enough to sign in.

  • On a positive note, the bathroom is luxurious.  The shower is a huge all marble walk-in stall and everything is gleaming glass and chrome. Very modern. Room service is excellent, I've been eating dinner in my room a lot because I don't like sitting alone in the dining room. You can click the thumbnail photo for a larger view.

At work, they've told me they'll be looking into moving me to another hotel. I hope it's better than this one. ;-)

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