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Working Online, If At All Today...

Venkat, my co-worker who made all the arrangements for me to stay at this fine hotel, called this morning to say that he was not able to pick me up. I was not surprised. We have been struck by a cyclone. The street outside the hotel is knee-deep, most of the power is out in the city, many flights have been cancelled and the hotels are filling up quickly with layover guests.

The room I was assigned last night did not have internet access so they very speedily moved me to another room where the network was live. This is fortunate because shortly after Venkat called to say I would have to find my own way to work, he called again to say that I need not worry about coming in at all: a holiday had been declared. Hardly anybody was able to make it in today. I'll do what I can from here.

I've heard that we'll be getting hit by this cyclone (a.k.a. "hurricane") for the next two days. Joy.

To give you a feel for what my new hotel is like, here's a photo of the small lobby just outside the restaurant. This isn't the main lobby, it's the elevator area. Pretty nice, eh?

The main lobby is very grand and is on the floor below directly under the restaurant.

I tried to stand just outside the door of the hotel and snap a few shots of the wind and rain but it's difficult to capture it in a still photograph. The rain is fairly warm and the wind isn't that strong. But it's been raining steadily since yesterday and that's why there's so much flooding.
This shot shows the street running alongside the hotel. It's taken just to the right of the area in the photo above. You can see an autorickshaw trying not to become a Yellow Submarine. Everyone is just soaked. I suppose if you live here you learn to deal with it, like New Englanders learn to deal with snow.

We don't think too much of the snow, we like to brag about it in fact. I think people here are the same way about the rain. We pretend to be nonchalant about it but inside we're excited little kids! :-)

I got that sense from two of the doormen when I took this shot. When they saw me standing under the portico taking pictures they urged me to come out with them under their umbrellas to get a better shot. The wind quickly inverted the umbrella and I got a little damp but all in good fun, all three of us laughed about it. They were as enthusiastic about the storm as me.

The Traveler's Trots

I've been bragging about having a Cast Iron Stomach. I can eat anything. It's true too. I don't get an upset stomach or indigestion by spicy foods, etc. But I've been suffering from an intestinal disorder for the past couple days. I started on the antibiotic I was prescribed by the UMass Medical Travel Clinic: Levaquin. You take 1 tablet a day for three days. I hope it works. It's just as well that I didn't have to go into to work today. I'd rather be close to the Throne Room if you get my drift. I was in such rough shape yesterday that I had to lay low all morning. I didn't make it into work until 1:00 in the afternoon.

The manager in Chelmsford who's running this project says he gets sick this way every time he comes out here no matter how careful he is. Ah well. Comes with the territory. You never hear about James Bond suffering from Montezuma's Revenge do ya! Guess that wouldn't be a very interesting subplot. I'm mentioning only because it is a subplot as far as I'm concerned!

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