Friday, 04-Nov-05


Friday, 04-Nov-05
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Yesterday the ride to work was such an "adventure" that I put my foot down and insisted that they provide a regular taxi for me from now on. I've been snagging an autorickshaw every morning. It's a crap-shoot as to which driver you get. Some drivers are pretty good and know how to get to where you want to go and they drive safely. Some are wild and crazy and they don't know the way and stop for directions. The driver I got yesterday was a young guy. He started out by driving a block AGAINST TRAFFIC so he wouldn't have to go the other way to make a u-turn, then got so lost that he stopped 3 different places to ask directions. One time he got out of the auto and it started rolling backwards with me in it. He just reached in and set the brake. I finally told him to take me back to the hotel, that was difficult because he didn't speak much English. When we started back to the hotel I spied Brooks Automation! Hurray! But he dropped me off on the opposite side of the road and I risked life and limb crossing the street. You wouldn't believe the traffic I had to dodge to get to across.

So I said I want a regular taxi. They said no problem. They'll have a man pick me up each morning at 8:45 at the hotel and 6:45 each night at work. It will cost $9/day as opposed to $2.50/day for the autorickshaw. Small price to pay for comfort and safety in my humble opinion.

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