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Friday the Thirteenth

Today is Friday the 13th. I wonder if folks around here are aware of that particular superstition? I'll have to ask...

Everyone is talking about the Pongal Festivities. When I came in today, I noticed the smell of smoke in the air. The folks here explained that it is traditional to burn something at the beginning of Pongal. It is symbolic of leaving the old year behind and moving on with the new. Most people burn an article of clothing. Children are taught to burn an old toy. Interesting tradition, I like the idea. Of course in the USA you would have to fight with the local fire marshals, environmental police and Greenpeace activists so it'll never gather any steam as a cultural revolution but it's a fun idea! :-)

I've also been talking to Mahendra about cricket. I think I'll watch some of it this weekend. Cricket has always been a complete mystery to me. I've seen bits and pieces of the game on TV before and heard the announcers talking excitedly about "overs" and "bowlers" and "creases". The players move about in interesting but totally inexplicable patterns, the words are in English but make no sense to me whatsoever! I'm a stranger in a strange land...

Mahendra is as much a cricket fan as I've seen any other guy be about football or hockey. He's convinced me that there's something there that may be worth looking into. I'll read up on the rules of the game and watch some of the test match between India and Pakistan this weekend. If you think the rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees is legendary, you ain't seen or heard nuthin' about sports rivalry's until you've looked into the cricket rivalry between India and Pakistan! Now... we're talking serious sports competition here! The Sox and Yanks have city-pride at stake. These guys have whole nations behind them. Nations armed with NUKES! Wow. Talk about tense competition.

It's all fun and games until someone mumbles a launch code. :-)

My plan this weekend is to do as much of nothing as is humanly possible. Well, I intend to write. This plan worked out well the last time I was here. I got a lot accomplished on a project I've been hankering to get started. Actually, I'd started it a number of times, like trying to start a cold, flooded car with a weak battery in February. I didn't get very far. But on my last trip the engine rev'd and I really started churning out some essays. I hope I can get the engine going again.

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