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It's All In My Head

I planned ahead for this trip. I decided that I didn't want to arrive on Day One and go to work on Day Two. So I made sure the flight was booked so that I had the first weekend off. That way I have a chance to get over the jet lag somewhat before hunkering down at work. There's a second motivation.

I suffer from migraine headaches. Lately the severity and frequency of the headaches have been on the decline. Traveling tends to set them off again to I planned ahead. Sure enough, I woke up with a pounding migraine this morning.

The "prelude" nagged me all day yesterday. I took the standard medications I have and didn't have too much trouble. At a few points during the flights I actually felt pretty good. But I was extremely tired last night and probably should have taken something before I went to bed to ward off this one. Live and learn...

The trouble is, it's hard to know what to do. There's a limited supply of medication. I'm allotted 6 Zomig per month. They cost the insurance company around $30/dose so they restrict it severely. Plus I don't enjoy taking it, the side effects are weird. It makes me feel a little funky and when I drink coffee it feels like my throat is sore. Strange. So I can't really take that as a preventative. It's the only thing that really works however.

So I woke up with a bad one this morning and dosed myself up: Zomig, Advil and Vicadin. It's been bad all day and it's still humming there in the background late this evening. It would have been a bear going to work in this condition.

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