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I've been struggling with migraines for the few days before this trip. That had me worried, but I felt just fine all day Sunday and Monday.  That night I felt that "tightness" again though and that signals the onset of a bad one. My eyes were dry and red and my throat a little scratchy but I figured that was due to my extreme fatigue. I'd only managed to get 4 hours sleep the previous two nights.

My head started hurting pretty bad by dinnertime so I popped a Zomig. After an hour it kept building so I took a Vicadin too. Three hours later I had a full-fledged migraine rolling along and I was getting nauseous so I also took a Zofran and called Dr. Bechara in the US to ask when/if I could take the Stadol he'd prescribed last year. Stadol is the "big gun", last resort I have in my arsenal. It's a narcotic and I didn't know if it could be taken on top of Vicadin. He said I should probably go to the ER but I dithered about that being in India and all... I was cleared for taking the Stadol 4 hours after the Vicadin which I did.

I started vomiting around 8:00 p.m and that went on for the next 14 hours. The Stadol makes me too dizzy to walk so I had to crawl on my hands and knees to the bathroom. Physical maladies certainly do make human beings undignified, don't they! :-)

The Stadol helped me sleep but didn't do much more than just subdue the pain for a while. This was a bad one. By noon today I started feeling civilized enough to eat lunch and I think I'll keep it down even though my stomach's still upset. The pain's gone but I feel like the Roman legions didn't see me laying there in the road and marched right over me!

Hopefully I'll back to my normal chipper self and I can get back on track. This is the pits. It's bad enough to have something like this happen at home but being sick away from home ain't no picnic.

I can't figure out what caused this. It feels like the flu but I don't think I have a fever. I don't have any body-aches or anything.  The constant nausea after the headache is gone isn't typical though so maybe it is a bug of some kind... hope it's only one of those 24 hour varieties.

Oh, by the way... Monday was a productive day. Manesh and I got the OpenVMS machine fired up and on the net with the disk I brought with me from the porting workshop. We copied the code off to a spare disk on that machine and started working on the RSPRINT.EXE code. It's the utility I was unable to complete at the porting workshop. It felt good to finally get this project rolling, it's been 5 months waiting to get it kicked off...

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