Chennai - 2005 (October)
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On October 20th, 2005 I traveled to Chennai, India as part of Brooks Automation's "Kilby" project. My primary task was to train the quality assurance (QA) team in the Manufacturing Bill of Materials (MBOM) product. Since I am developer of that product, I am thought to be somewhat of an expert. We'll see if turns out be true.

The scope of my involvement in Kilby immediately expanded however. I'm also knowledgeable in a lot of the other layered FACTORYworks products so our management team decided to drain my brain while I was here. They sent me for 3 1/2 weeks.

I arrived on Thursday night around 12:30 a.m. which is actually Friday morning the 21st. The flight over wasn't remarkable except that I was in "the back of the bus". On the Airbus 330 from Boston to Frankfurt I was in row 45, which is the next to last row. I sat and chatted with a very amiable man who was a retired commercial airline pilot. An interesting fellow. He was also an instructor at my son's school, East Coast Aero-Tech in the 60's. On the 747-400 from Frankfurt to Chennai I was in row 56, the very last row of the plane. I think this was because my reservation was made at the last minute.

A 747 is so big it flexes and I could feel the rear section wiggling like a fish tail when there was the slightest turbulence. It bumped me back and forth not up and down. Fortunately it was  smooth most of the flight.

I was picked up at the airport by a cab provided by the company and made it to the hotel by around 1:30 a.m. I got a good night's sleep so jet lag hasn't really been a problem on this trip. My strategy is to get a short amount of sleep the night before the flight, snooze on the first leg of the flight and stay awake the whole rest of the way so I'd be ready to hit the sack when I arrived. It worked. I've been pretty much working on "Chennai time" since I arrived.

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