Chennai - 2006 (January)
Friday, 04-Nov-05
Monday, 07-Nov-05
Thursday, 10-Nov-05

In January of 2006 I returned to Chennai, India for three weeks. I stayed in the same hotel. The office had moved to a larger space on the other side of town.

You may read about my first trip here.

My tasks have expanded. Rather than just do knowledge transfer, I'm actively participating in the development of certain projects and making more direct contributions. I like that. The people here are interesting and fun to work with. Mahendra Advani, also from Chelmsford, is staying at the same hotel. He'll be here for the first two weeks. He's good company, I enjoy being around him because he's so full of ideas.

This should be an interesting trip although I don't plan to do much of the "Tourist Thing" this time 'round.