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I guess I got a little carried away during the 1999 hiking season. At left you'll see the buttons for the 10 day-hikes I managed to go on during the summer. Yep, that's about one each week. Had some things to think over and there was a lot of good reasons to be up in the mountains...

To me, hiking is very good mental and emotional therapy. A mountain is something you can conquer for just a few minutes. You have to come down. So the mountain always wins but you somehow feel a lot better for having conquered it for just those few minutes. Life is like that...

Aw Don, quit trying to be a philosopher and just walk in the woods, eh?!

Falling Waters
Mt. Eisenhower
Mt Liberty
Little Haystack
Mount Washington
Arethusa Falls
Flume Slide
Arethusa II
Indian Head

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