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On April 29th 2006, Bill DiNardo and I trekked up Mount Tecumseh near the Waterville Valley ski area. This was our "warm up" hike of the 2006 season.

Here is a bug's-eye view of us at the ski area parking lot getting ready to go. --->

Waterville Valley parking lot
Snow & Ice on the trail Tecumseh is the shortest of the 4000-footers, it was a beautiful day, clear and cool. A nice climb.

There was quite a bit of ice and packed snow on the trail but with care of our foot placements we were able to navigate without too much difficulty.

The summit is fairly wooded with an open area to the north and a very good view of Mount Washington. Here's our summit shot. -> Tecumseh Summit
Mount Washington from Tecumseh This is a zoomed shot of Mt. Washington. As you can see, it was a very clear day. You can see two peaks in front of Washington. The one closest to Washington, furthest from us is Carrigan. That's our next goal.
We met three very interesting ladies before leaving the summit. They were teachers from a private school in Rhode Island. They stopped and chatted a while about the school and its progressive methods of education, it's grade k-8 and costs $9k per year. Fairly exclusive... The youngest lady to the left is a visiting scholar from Germany. She had a lovely accent. :-) Summit Meeting

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